Saturday, May 1, 2010

Coolest Dog

It's been a while since Sammy has gone swimming. When we lived in Washington, she used to swim in the lake at my parent's house in the summer. We thought it was hilarious because she was so small. We'd throw a tennis ball out there and she'd go after it. She can barely fit a tennis ball in her mouth, so it was like bobbing for apples out in the lake, but she'd get it and swim it to shore. Well it's been 21 doggie years since then so I wasn't sure if our aging pet would still be into swimming. Turns out she is!

She likes Arizona.


rachel said...

ha ha, that's great!

jayden watched it and said, 'oh my! how does she do that?'

Anonymous said...

What would really be great is if she could catch fish.
Uncle Bubba