Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lack of Blogging Due to.....

..technical difficulties. Booo. My camera won't take pictures anymore. I think I will eventually take it to get fixed because I think it is just something with the button. It just doesn't push down anymore. But I can barely blog without my darn camera. I guess I don't like reading much without pictures. Immature, I know, but let's face it, the pictures make the least for me they do.
So I'm having all kinds of anxiety about it because I really can't take it in to get fixed right now and I feel like I'm missing Easton turning 10 weeks..hello!? It's funny how the camera has kind of become like an additional limb. It's a lifeline between me and a whole lot of people who don't get to be in our real-life here in Arizona. So I'm taking a whole bunch of pictures with my phone hoping maybe I can capture something blog worthy with it. But I tell ya, holding the phone over the bathtub trying to capture the craziness that is Easton during bath time is not only tricky, it's plain old not smart. Don't worry. I didn't drop it! :)

I may try to dismantle my camera button myself and see what happens, but until then, picture absent blogs is what ya get!


Mama Amy said...

Maybe I'm weird but I actually like reading the blog over looking at the pictures ... I guess I like the commentary about what is going on. So don't worry, I will be happy to read what you say ... but it IS so fun to SEE how the babes grow and change (week to week when they're babes!!)

Anonymous said...

So fish pictures are out of the question.

Uncle Bubba