Friday, September 3, 2010

Box Day #4

It was box day yesterday! Hard to believe this was our 4th one! Box day is similar to Christmas, so exciting and such a fun way to start the new (school) year! The kids want to start school NOW, but once the boxes arrive I have a little more organizing to do. We're going to shoot for Sunday (yikes! that's tomorrow day-after tomorrow!). Our school week this year (at least for now) will be Sunday-Thursday so that we can just "play" when Rand is off on Fridays and Saturdays.

I love how we don't have to abide by the school cut-off days. Brendan and Wyatt who are exactly 2 years apart would actually be 3 years apart in school...Brendan would be a young second grader this year (just making the cut-off by a few weeks) and Wyatt would be an old preschooler (just missing the cut-off for Kindergarten by a few weeks). Only because I think they are ready, Brendan is starting second grade this year and Wyatt Kindergarten. Can't wait to get started!!!

Bren might be a little excited about this book.

(below)Wyatt's reading on the left. Bren's on the right. Both the boys are repeating their reading from last year. Wyatt just wasn't ready for these (Brendan easily read through them at age 4), but he is seeming much more ready now. Brendan easily read through all these level 2 readers last year, but I'm trying to not let him get too ahead of himself because eventually his readers and our "core curriculum" will go together and he needs to be on track for that. So he'll be concentrating more on the Language Arts that goes with these since that's a little harder for him. Hard when a kid's reading level is way above their understanding of L.A.!
and Math!

Dude. Check out my binder. That is holding our Core curriculum, both the boys reading schedules and both the boys Language Arts.  (Science had to go in a seperate binder!)

All the awesome books we get to read this year!
Happy Schooling!


Luke said...

Happy Box Day! [smile] Love the photos!


Anonymous said...

The books they get to read look great! Oh what fun.

rachel said...

can't wait for the science experiments to start up again! :)

Bekki said...

We read lots of those last year, or mabye the year before. I can't remember! Have fun this year!

Carolann and Family said...

How exciting and I totally get the Christmas feeling in the summer time. My kids could barely keep their hands off when we first got ours. Wishin' your family a great homeschooling year!!

Anonymous said...

I still did not see Fisheries as a subject, or Chemistry. Time to start on some real subjects.
Uncle Bubba