Monday, September 20, 2010

Wyatt is 5!

Over the weekend, we had a birthday! Wyatt is officially 5. I find that so hard to believe. He was just a baby when all our moving around began, just 18 months old. Now look at him! We looked back through all of his birthdays. He turned 1 in Washington, he turned 2 in Arizona (our first move), he turned 3 in Kansas while we were moving to Pennsylvania, he had is 4th birthday in Pennsylvania and last weekend he turned 5 here in Arizona. There is a huge part of me that feels really sick about that. If you asked him, on the other hand, he probably wouldn't change a whole lot of his last 5 years. He thinks he has the best life, and that is all I want for him. I wish I could say it is over and we're settled, but sadly it can't be said yet.

BUT, we had a super-kadooper (as Wyatt would say) fun day celebrating him! When you turn 5 at our house you get a new bike. He learned to ride the little 12 inch without training wheels last year on his birthday and he's been mastering it ever since. Brendan got an 18inch for his 5th birthday, but Wyatt, being a little more timid, we thought he would do better with a 16 inch. He LOVES his new bike. I think he said 'thank you' spontaneously about 20 times. It's so fun to surprise your kids with the perfect gift! We had all his friends over for a swimming party and he asked for a star wars cake. He got some Star Wars cookie cutters from my mom, so we made those too! Wyatt said being 5 is super-kadooper awesome! I think he's super-kadooper awesome!!

just waking up for his big day!


mom aka nana said...

Wyatt IS super-kadooper! Hooray for a super-kadooper five year old who is just irresistible....those twinkling eyes of his shine and that little you all!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Wyatt, I was hoping that you would have a fish themed party, but glad that you celebrated in your way.
Uncle Bubba

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday to super-kadooper Wyatt!!! I love your birthday cake and new bicyle. I am praying that next year on your 6th birthday you will be celebrating it in Washington so I can come to your party. Love you loads, Great Aunt Marshmellow!!