Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Science Experiment #8::Magnets (and other schooly things)

School has taken off like a rocket and there is no stopping it! We've been sticking to it pretty good even though all the work is taking us a good hour and a half (or more) longer than last year. In Science we have been studying MAGNETS! This is soooo perfect for the boys because they are still everything Star Wars and what is better than finding a REAL FORCE!!! Last weeks experiment was right up their alley. We measured from how far away a magnet could pull a pin across the table and then compared to pulling it up, off the table. Then we made a butterfly suspend in the air with a string and some tape without physically touching it with the magnet. They boys just about dropped dead at this one! They thought I was "strong with the force". :) The pictures are lousy because I am still having major camera issues and with science, it moves fast. So I get what I get and that's that!

In other schooly news, we've been learning about Ancient Egypt. The boys made Egyptian collars and decorated them.

And look who has been joining us at school. As you can clearly see, he is studying about Noah's Ark and pairs. I can already tell he's as smart as a whip! :)

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Anonymous said...

Nice work boys, all three of you. Did you know that magnets are used in fishing reels as part of the drage system? I know, it is amazing that fishing uses cool science gadgets like magnets.
Uncle Bubba