Sunday, October 31, 2010

2nd First Halloween in Phoenix

That's how Brendan put it earlier today. Pretty much. This is our 2nd, first Halloween in Phoenix. The big boys picked out their costumes. Big surprise. StarWars. They decided to be CloneTroopers.  I accidentally called them StormTroopers and got an entire lesson on the difference. Clone Troopers are the good guys, just FYI. And since they aren't Jedi Knights they refused to carry their lightsabers even though I thought it would be super cool to have light sabers outside at night. Not cool. Not cool at all. CloneTroopers do NOT carry lightsabers.
Easton wore the tiger suit. We got it for Brendan when he was 14 months old. He was terrified of it and refused to wear it. 2 years later Wyatt wore it. And now Easton. I was glad it wasn't too hot, even though it was probably a little warm for him he still rode comfortably in the stroller all decked out as a tiger. And then the kids brought home 2 grocery sacks full of candy. Oh good grief! I need to get rid of it!
Check it out! This is Wyatt (you can tell because of the binki! AND the forward facing big boy carseat for the 13 MONTH OLD!!)
October 2006

And now Easton (7 months)

My CloneTroopers

Brendan is actually Captain Rex, Captain of all the clones

Wyatt Trooper

This is Baby Luke Skywalker


rachel said...

ha ha ha ha. your boys are so funny. happy 2nd first halloween in phoenix!!

we had a real life darth vader at our house, with a fancy red light saber to go with it. wish your boys could of seen it! he completely traumatized some poor kids in a wagon who were hysterical from seeing him a couple blocks away.

Mama Amy said...

Oh my word, it is so funny to see kids out on Halloween with SHORTS on!!! I did see that it was supposed to be 90 today in Phoenix ... I don't know how you stand all the hot weather!
Happy Halloween Wagners!

Anonymous said...

I just love to look at these pictures at work. When I start laughing they think I am nuts. I just so thankful to be able to see all of these special moments and how they are growing and changing so fast. I want to be there so bad!! Love Great Aunt Marshmellow.

Anonymous said...

I know that one day the boys will all want to dress up as fishermen, I just know it.
Uncle Bubba