Thursday, October 7, 2010

Stormy Weather

Stormy weather is short lived here in Phoenix. Storms are also few and far between, which makes them all the more exciting. We were lucky this time in that the clouds and rain and cool(er) weather stuck around for about 3 days. The climax of the storm was awesome! I can only say that because I wasn't on the road out and about and the windows of my home were not broken out by the golf ball sized hail (ours were just marbles), unlike some poor people I know. We were also nowhere near the 2 tornadoes that touched down north of here. Phew! But the storm was wild enough and exciting to watch from inside...or even on the back patio for some of the brave ones. I felt strangely happy as the skies got blacker and I was home or something. :)...except it was warm...which was weird. Full on storm with the windows and doors open to let in the cool breeze, I mean wind, I mean GAIL. Aaaaahhh, fresh air.
The park across the street flooded. It is actually designed to capture all the excess water and keep it off the streets and out of people's houses. It looked like a great big lake! I thought it was beautiful and wished it would stay a lake!


rachel said...

nice storm! looks mighty refreshing!

Anonymous said...

Is there any fish in the lake?
Uncle Bubba