Monday, October 25, 2010

Easton::7 Months

Wow. 7 months old. The days and weeks are flying by!

-Easton has his 2 bottom teeth now and I think he's working on some more. He's been fussy, fussy the last couple weeks.
-He sits up great and loves pulling toys out of a little bucket. I come by and load up the bucket and he sits there grabbing out this or that and pretty soon he's made a big mess and we do it all over again.
-It's fun watching him start to develop an opinion. For example, he's surrounded by toys but he wants one particular toy that is just out of reach. And so he grunts and stretches and yells until somehow he gets it.
-He is still quite immobile. No surprise there. I'm making him spend a lot more time on his tummy to try and build some different muscles. Maybe he'll start crawling and thin on down! I'm also making an effort to offer table food more consistently more often...I'm thinking that might help him thin down too. And just for the record, I'm not actually trying to make him thin down, but rather more like slow down a little bit in the growth department (all areas).
-When Easton was tiny (relative, I know) I was cursing the infant carrier we had for him. It was one of those big ones that weighs 10 pounds. However, it is good up to 30 pounds as opposed to 20 with the smaller seats and I've been glad to be able to put off buying (or somehow getting) a convertible carseat for him. The time has come though. He's really too big for the infant carseat. :(

 Couldn't get much smiling out of him. I think it's the teeth!

This face cracks me up.
This face cracks me up too.

And this face! :)

Happy 7 Months!


rachel said...

I love the 2nd picture. it's totally blue steal. :)

Kaylee said...

i added a picture to the top. did you mean the 2nd or the 3rd? they're both model pictures for sure. :)

rachel said...

the 3rd one now! :)

Anonymous said...

What an awsome little boy!! I can't wait to hug them all. The Great Aunt Marshmellow

Anonymous said...

Only 3 years and 5 months until you get to go fishing in the big fishing boat. Awesome.
Uncle Bubba