Sunday, December 19, 2010


My sister Joanna (a.k.a. Jojee) got a new puppy this past September. He is a golden retriever named Bentley and he is SO cute. But he is also very much a puppy and gets into all sorts of trouble and has insane strength combined with insane energy....bad combination. Joanna and her husband are out of town for a couple days for their anniversary and my parents (and us) are watching their doggy. Well today is sunny and we've been a little cooped up so we decided taking Bentley for a walk this afternoon would be a good idea. I took my Dad because I wasn't sure I could manage it alone (actually he came with me because he wasn't sure I could manage it). Boy was that a good decision. That dog basically drug my Dad down the street. When Brendan asked to walk Bentley we kind of knew what was going to happen but let him have a go anyway. We told him to hang on tight because who knows how far he'll go if he gets loose! Brendan did his job alright, but got drug down the and then got drug on the ground just like the movies. He wasn't hurt at all, but totally freaked out and my dad and I couldn't stop laughing. Poor Brennie!!! The walk didn't last long. I seriously don't know how my sister walks him twice a day. He. Is. Crazy. The dog whisperer would NOT be happy with how that went this afternoon!

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Anonymous said...

Time to take that dog swimming, while I do some fishing.
Uncle Bubba