Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Miraculous Healing?

For unknown reasons our computer is showing no signs of virus. We backed everything up onto an external hard drive and since haven't had any problems. Strange. Perhaps when we turn it off it will never come back on. I don't know. A little nervous to load any pictures.

UPDATE: We signed all our legal documents for the house early this morning. We are waiting for seller to get all of his in then it will all get recorded and ta-da! New house! Our monthly payment and interest has just gone down and down over the 6 weeks that we have been going through this process. What a blessing! And then to top it off (long story short), we are getting a new refrigerator out of the deal! We went and bought it tonight. AND our computer has healed itself (for now)! It's been a great day. A little bit of a downer is that our landlord wants us out this weekend instead of next and so we are moving everything a little faster than we had planned. But once we are in, we are in!!!! We're pumped.

While I'm procrastinating tomorrow, perhaps I'll post some pictures! :)


Anonymous said...

God is so good!!!

The Raudenbush Family said...

Ahh...a new frig...sweet. Guess the new house is even better...but I'd sure like a new frig right now. So, I guess that part stuck out to me. :) Glad your computer just sorta worked things out. Strange, very strange.

Anonymous said...

Glad that the house cam with a new fridge, but the real questions is did it come with any fish?
Uncle Bubba