Monday, December 6, 2010

Easton::8 Months

I'm baaack. You can safely assume that every time I post something new, I am probably not doing what I should be least for the next couple weeks. But everyone needs a break now and then, right?

Before it's 9's Easton at 8!!

Easton is on the move! We can't call it organized crawling or even scooching, but the boy gets places. It's fun to watch. He's pretty frustrated because he knows he wants to, but his body just won't do it yet! I'm guessing by Christmas he'll be getting into a lot more trouble!

Easton's favorite activity is pulling toys out of boxes or buckets or bags or.... and banging toys on different things. He loves music and already has a little dance he does and sometimes he even sings. He likes clapping his hands along with people and he finally got a new car seat! He still isn't a huge fan of food. Let me rephrase that. Obviously the boys likes food, but he is rather particular and seems to still mostly prefer one brand...and that would be me. He likes oatmeal and rice cereal but can't stand any kind of fruit with too much flavor. He will tolerate bananas and as far as other "flavors" we've done pretty well with squash, peas and sweet potatoes. He is wearing size 24 months/2T and I am still in total disbelief at how big he is. He's gotta be 30 lbs now. While we were packing I ran across some baby stuff of Brendan's. Brendan weighed 34 lbs when he was 2 and Wyatt was around the same. We've got a record setter here!

He's a joy.

Only a baby with older brothers...



Anonymous said...

I just cant wait to see you all!! Love, The Great Marshmellow.

rachel said...

He is so cute!!! I love the reindeer jammies! :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like a little fisherman to me.
Uncle Bubba