Monday, September 12, 2011

A Jojee Visit

This last week my sister, Joanna, came for a visit. She is in massage therapy school right now and last week was their week break in the middle of their program. Considering the lousy summer they've had in the northwest (until recently) she came for heat and sun. It was interesting to be around someone who just wanted to go outside all day. I'm determined to NOT go outside until it is below 85 (it's getting there at night!!!)

Mostly we stuck around home. She studied while we did our own school (we studied inside, and she studied out by the pool). She ran all around with me on Wednesday which is our busy day and on Thursday we had a birthday party. She and Wyatt have birthdays just one week apart so of course we had to celebrate together. We had pizza (Wyatt's choice) and cake (Wyatt's choice) and a couple of presents.

Best of all, while she was here, everyone got massages. There is NOTHING like a *free* massage by someone who knows what they are doing! AHHHHHHH. If only I could pay her to stay here for the rest of my pregnancy!

Happy Hour!

everyone waiting for Dad to get home

someone else obviously taking the pictures

some pitching practice

and an after pitching massage

Happy birthday!

I know. I know. My camera is terrible.


leslee aka mom aka nana said...

looks like everyone had a blast! happy birthday to all of our september birthday kids :) and I agree with you....Joanna's hands are magic (yes they can inflict some pain) but there is healing and health in her hands....miss all of you

Anonymous said...

It was so good to see Jojee with the kids. I love it. Happy Birthday to Wyatt and Jojee. I especially loved the pic of Sammy and the kids waiting for dad to come home. So cute. I think it is my turn to come down, but I will have to wait until after the first of the year for anymore vacation time. Just in time for the new baby!!!! Love you all, The Great Marshmellow.

Anonymous said...

Did he get a fishing pole for a present? I certainly hope so, happy B-day little man.
Uncle Bubba