Monday, September 19, 2011

Wyatt::6 (The Party)

We had a birthday over the weekend. Wyatt is finally 6 years old. Seems like it takes forever to get to his birthday after Brendan's. Probably because we talk about it every. single. day.

He had a few requests. One being Chuck E. Cheese. We opted for a few friends at Chuck E. Cheese and a sleep over. I can't say it was any "easier" than the big party we had for Brendan, but it was different, and I think that was the point.

His big "want" for his birthday was a rope. I know, weird. He had a total idea of what he wanted and what he wanted to do with it. So we obliged. We gave him a birthday bag with 20 feet of black nylon rope in it. It was kind of funny to us, but he was pumped. Rand went outside with it in the morning, set it up just so in one of our olive trees, and the kids did not stop playing on it. Oh, the simple pleasures of being a 6 year old boy! It is still getting a lot of use!


leslee aka mom aka nana said...

oh sweet sweet wyatt....i just love how he knows his own mind and goes after his dreams! when i was growing up on king st. all of us kids had a big rope swing in a huge old fir tree and we played on it for years! am glad his dream came true and he can now swing and jump to his hearts content! awesome looking oreo pops (or whatever they're called) and happy birthday year i won't miss his birthday!

Anonymous said...

Rope is always good. I use a lot of rope sometimes when I fish.
Uncle Bubba