Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Guess It's September

 We are breaking records left and right with our weather around here. I'm so over summer I could spit. We are about to break the record for most days over 110 degrees in a summer. The record was set in the summer of 2007....our first summer here. I remember it clearly. It was miserable. This is too. I may in fact have a psychotic break just so they lock me up in a really cold air conditioned psych ward. The holiday weekend is coming up and while in the Northwest we celebrate Memorial Day (the mark of the beginning of least we hope) AND Labor Day (the last big summer hurrah) with fervour, here I just try to get through them. Both holidays, in May and September, are always too hot to enjoy outside. People still participate in outdoor activities, but you are literally risking death when you do so.

I have been quiet on here lately about my disdain for Phoenix weather this time of year, but I can remain silent no more. 6 months out of the year, this is the most miserable place to live (obviously, just my opinion). Hot, hot, hot, hot. Everywhere. Outside, in the pool, in the car, in the house, in your clothes. Yuck! I do not mark the beginning of September in the same way I used to. No fog. No chilly mornings. No major shift in wind and sunlight. No first turning leaves or end of summer harvests. No fall for that matter.

BUT, I am so, so, so glad it is September. That means only 2 more months of weather that is too hot to enjoy. Only 2 more months until a chill will indeed set in (brrrrr, it might get in the 60's!!!!). Only 2 more months before hitting up parks and setting up our tent in the yard and laying in grass and getting outside without turning purple from over heating. Slight exaggeration? Maybe. But I do remember some Halloweens that have been too hot to wear a costume!

Just 2 more months to go.


Anonymous said...

We are breaking all the records here in Kansas as well. It has been a ridiculous stretch of 100+ and the humidity to boot. No fish here, no fish here.
Uncle Bubba

Anonymous said...

It has been pretty nice here for a couple of weeks. Mornings are fall like now and the afternoons warm. It will only last for a short time and then the rain will come. So while we are living in the cold damp PNW you will be having lovely sunshine and blue skys. I really think 6 months in Arizona and 6 months in the PNW would be perfect. Dream on! Dream on! Love from the Great Marshmellow