Wednesday, February 22, 2012

More of you know what

Just more and more and more baby. At least she's changing fast so that nobody gets bored!

Uncle Jordan got to meet his newest niece!

Look at this little Daddy in training!


Anonymous said...

Please have Wyatt focus more on the fisherman in training than the dad in training stuff.
Uncle Bubba

Caty said...

Oh my gosh, Kaylee, that is by far the best little "dad in training" I ever did see!!! That's stinkin precious!

I was just talking to my Mom the other day about how, who would have thought that when we were all at Southside Elementary that we'd be where we are today? I just LOVE Uncle Jordy! ;-)

Annabel is just the CUTEST!

Anonymous said...

She is just sooooooooo cute!! I love those smiling little chunky cheeks. Love you, Great Aunt Marshmellow!!