Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Birthday Weekend

We had such a busy weekend! Rand took Thursday off and Friday he had to take off since he worked the weekend before and so we had a GREAT 4 day weekend. Friday I turned 35 and I actually got a fancy cake from a little cake shop and I didn't have to make my own this year! It was real good.

Saturday was a true Saturday and we had baseball all.day.long! We were there from about 10:45am until about 5:00pm....maybe later. It was long. But wow, the weather was beautiful! After baseball we headed up to Tacoma to stay at the hotel with Uncle Chris and Aunt Joanie. Always a treat when Aunt Joanie comes to town. We get to go on vacation too! We had a stunning view in the morning of Union Station, the Tacoma Dome and Mt. Rainier!

We had to take advantage of the pool, of course and Annabel had her first swim. She liked it and who can resist a fat baby in a swim suit!

Are we getting tired  yet???

Well as if it it all wasn't enough all ready we headed across the street to the Children's Museum of Tacoma. Because the weather was so lovely and it was a Sunday we had the museum to ourselves, which was nice!

This is what Joanie and Annabel did the whole time.

This little art studio was awesome. I could use one of these rooms in my house!



Mom said...

Wowzer...what a fabulous weekend

Anonymous said...

All that fun yet no fishing, makes me think that the weekend was not quite complete.
Uncle Bubba

Kim said...

Looks like an awesome weekend!!! ... and what a cute lil babe in the swim suit!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you had a great time for your birthday!! It looks like the kids had a great time too. HA HA Rand called just as I was writing this! Hope to see you maybe this coming weekend. I just love that baby girl in her swimming suit. Love and hugs from The Great Marshmellow.

Maureen said...

Annabel is precious and Easton is getting more kid like everyday. Wish I could have been there too. What a great time. Hi to Chris and Joannie. Maureen