Thursday, August 29, 2013

Summer Swimming

Since it's raining today, I guess I'll post some swimming pictures. We've had to stay closer to home this summer with 2 new businesses that need running, so we haven't had as many trips out to the beach. Instead, we've found a few favorite "beach" spots inland.

One of our favorites is out on the canal. What is it about Hood Canal?

And although you didn't see any "swimming" pictures, there was indeed swimming. I just couldn't move from my spot because I was nursing a sprained ankle. Another story, another time.\

Another favorite spot is right by our house. Let me rephrase that. It's a favorite spot of the kids'. Black Lake has a public swimming dock that I personally don't like going to. It is too small of a park and everyone under the sun that doesn't live on the lake goes there. Brendan and Wyatt have been begging and begging and I keep putting them off. Well, one boring Saturday we woke to cooler temps and gray skies, relatively late in the summer and Rand just happened to be home. I seized the moment and took a gamble that not too many people would be there. I was right! We had the place to ourselves! My introvert self prefers it that way!

Easton getting brave! (he doesn't remember his Phoenix swimming pool days)

These guys remember. Born to swim!
Just us

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Anonymous said...

My favorite water activity to do, especially with no other people around is fishing.
Uncle Bubba