Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Annabel::18 Months

I guess she is closer to 19 months now, but better late than never!

Annabel. She is such a character. In the last 6 months since her birthday her personality has really popped out.

This girl is determined, confident and brave with just a dash of reservation. Much like her oldest brother. It doesn't matter what it is: running around the property, climbing trees, riding bikes....if the big kids are doing it, she is doing it too. I think this all comes at the expense of her talking. She yells instead of using words. They are coming slowly but surely, but honestly, why talk when a simple, primal yell will get you what you want??

She eats like a champ. Likes just about anything. By far my best eater. She sleeps great too! Definitely the thing I hear from anyone who watches her for me is that she is happy, happy, happy.

"Oh, what? The boys are climbing these rocks? Well then that's what I'm going to do!"


Rachel said...

sweet sweet annabel, how i just love you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like water was available, how about the fish, were they around as well?
Uncle Bubba