Sunday, August 24, 2008

Broken Camera Update

Turns out my camera breaking was a good thing. I was pretty bummed, even though it wasn't the best camera, it was the only one I had that worked....and having just recently lost my iPod (another story) I was really bummed to have 2 electronic devices to replace. With a long road trip coming up I was really wanting both my iPod AND my camera (I don't have a working CD player in my car, so the iPod thing really has me down).
Anyway, I was thinking and thinking about what to do. I can't buy a new iPod....unfortunately, but the camera had to be doable. I refused to believe that Best Buy couldn't help me get that battery charged in my good camera. So today I went back. This time, I didn't ask for help....I shopped on my own. Guess what I found? A travel charger that can charge my battery! They don't sell the cords that attach to the camera, but they have these travel chargers that plug into the wall and you stick the battery into it. I don't know how great it is for the battery, but it is plugged in and charging right now. I'm quite excited because this camera is sooo much better than the one I had been using for the last, ummmmm.... 6 years.
So although I am still terribly saddened that I still have no iPod, I am ecstatic that I have a WAY better camera to use to record our trip and all the other things I take pictures of. I mean what's more important? Capturing our precious moments or listening to good music while driving 2400 miles across the country?? (I guess it's still debatable, but I'll take what I can get!)
Be watching for some pictures! :)


Jojee said...

Dont worry I'll be bringing my ipods

Anonymous said...

Remember take lots of pictures of the fishing destinations on your route. Then take detailed notes, talk to some locals, the more information the better.
Uncle Bubba