Monday, October 27, 2008

Some Before and Afters

This move has entailed some major projects for me. I like projects so it's not all bad except that I keep finding other, more fun projects to do. I have curtains galore to make, furniture to paint, walls to paint, pictures to hang (creatively, I might add. Apparently, you can't just easily put a nail into these old plaster walls. Grrrrr...), knick knacks to find to fill spaces and did I mention curtains??? Honestly, I really like doing all these kinds of projects, but I'm getting to the point where I'm feeling like it all needs to be done, like, NOW! I have curtains that I have made for the boys' room, but they are being turned into roman shades, so a few materials need to be purchased before completion of that project (pictures to come). And then there are maybe 8 or more windows to get covered!
I have, however, completed one of my to-do's. My friend in AZ gave me a lovely chest and small side table that she didn't want anymore, right before we moved. I could see potential and it became one of my first projects when we got here. (Not that I don't love fruit....just not painted on my furniture like this:

Black paint can really do wonders. Hmmm, what else can I paint black???

Those white walls are soon to be history, so be watching for some more "after" shots.


Red said...

You have been busy! Are the chairs new? I love the little nook in the dining room, is it helping with the sound? I'll call you soon when everyone is well and help you hang those pictures in to the plaster, I know lots of tricks.

Mama Amy said...

Kaylee, it looks GREAT! I'm just impressed that you can make curtains ... wanna come over and help me redecorate my bedroom (which I HATE!) It's looking like home ... hopefully it will continue to feel like home over time!

Anonymous said...

You should have painted fish on the furniture.
Uncle Bubba

Jessie said...

Ugh! SO cute!