Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Countdown to Christmas

I love having kids that can do arts and crafts. Christmas time just isn't complete without a good old-fashioned Christmas chain.

love these little hands

Of course, in addition to the classic, we have a way cooler advent calendar (if you will) that greets the kids each day with treats and special suprises.
santa slippers


Lindsey said...

Kaylee you are RAD!

~C said...

where did you find those??

Anonymous said...

I want a count down to fishing chain.
Uncle Bubba

Kaylee said...

Got the Santa slippers at good ol' Lynch Creek in Shelton last year. They are made by two's company. I love 'em. Last year we used them as garland around the Christmas tree, but it wasn't real practical for accessing the treats! :) Now they are hanging just out of reach of little hands!

Oh, and Lindsey, You're RAD!