Sunday, January 11, 2009


I think we were all just a little too excited for some real winter weather after moving from Phoenix.
Having grown up in the PNW I know all about being disappointed by a wet, snowless winter. It is to be expected. Still every year we would hope for a big snow storm that rarely came. It's like a cruel joke the amount of snow my hometown has gotten this winter so far. (I know they have all had enough and then the flooding....I think they are ready for spring...and a dry spring at that!) Still, I wish I would have been there for such an epic winter storm!
Well, I would think living in Pennsylvania now, we could expect a little snow.
So far....nothing.
This Saturday, we had a chance. Not for a lot, but for enough to play in. 1 -3 inches. That's good. We were prepared......and excited. Sadly, the day came and left with just a dusting of snow. It was such a sad sight to see my kids (still excited to go out in it) laying on the pavement making snow angels and scraping together small piles of snow to attempt a pathetic snow ball. It was kind of sad.

Still hoping for a big snow storm, (Sorry snow haters)


rachel said...

that is a little sad. however, with the cement showing through the snow angels, it gives them great definition! do you think royal will make a comment about how they should be making snow fish or something? :) miss you guys.

Kaylee said...

Oh probably. Or maybe something like, "If it's not going to snow, you might as well fish." :)

Carolann said...

Oh Kaylee I would love to send you some of our snow here in Northern Idaho. And this coming from someone who loves the stuff...LOL We have had about 115 inches since Dec 17th and 34 inches in one day. Check out some of my pics on my blog maybe that will Hope all is good!!

Kaylee said...

I have looked at the pictures on your blog. It just makes me jealous! Although, I know I would be sick of it too by now. One or two good storms and then it can leave. That would make me happy. :)

Anonymous said...

Why did the kids waste time making snow angels when they could have been fishing? I always catch fish in the snow. Matter of fact we got one when I was back in Washington in all the snow.
Uncle Bubba

The Raudenbush Family said...

I'm dying for a snow day! I love that God brings the snow and we all get a day off to stay home cozy and warm in our jammies all day! Bring on the snow!

Mama Amy said...

I've stopped telling the kids that it might snow. It's too disappointing!!! Audrey keeps asking "will we ever get to make a snowman this winter??" I sure hope so!