Monday, January 19, 2009

Philly Snow

I'm starting to wonder if it does anything else here. We have gotten another DUSTING of snow. Taking full advantage and looking like true snow deprived Arizon-ians(?), we hit the slopes with our sleds. Frozen grass goes faster than you think! :)

First and foremost (let's get this out of the way) here is a picture of me. This is for you, Jess! And this is also what you get when there are others in the house taking pictures!
(photo by Rachel)
Also.....I will have you know that I am wearing my Arizona Cardinals fleece under that jacket. (Sorry Eagles fans. Go Cards!!)
Just kidding.....I'm not really a fan of any particular sports team. Except Seattle teams and only because I don't live there and really miss it and they just feel like my home team.....but all that is embarrassing to admit considering the teams represented. Again, sorry Mariner and Seahawk fans.
Moving on...

Nephew Jayden

Sliding in snow pants is really fast too!

Notice the grass...

Everyone just look long and hard at this picture. Rand got a time-out for this one. :)

Just kidding. Sammy likes chasing snow balls. Rand kicked snow, NOT the dog!!!!

Zippin' down backwards

Looks like it's snowing again. Maybe we can actually get the grass covered today.


Carolann said...

How fun and exciting.

Jordan said...

hahahaha... That picture of Rand kicking Sammy is hilarious!

Jessie said...

Yea! There she is. I was starting to forget what you look like! Still as beautiful as ever!

Anonymous said...

That is not enough snow to sled on, you all should have went fishing instead.
Uncle Bubba