Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Busiest Weekend Ever

You know how sometimes being busy makes time go by so fast? You look around and all of a sudden it's 3 days later? Yeah. That didn't happen to me this weekend. This has felt like the absolute longest weekend and boy were we busy!

Let's start with Friday, shall we? Friday evening Rand and I hosted our church's monthly summer Family Night. I've been preparing for a week and at 6:00pm 75 people showed up at our house for food and fun. We really did have a great time and I think our house was almost made for this kind of least the yard was. We had bike/scooter/tricycle riding, sprinkler running, squirt gun shooting, potlucking, blanket sitting, swing set climbing, sandbox digging, wiffle ball playing, soccer ball kicking, pitch golfing, and badminton. I wish I would of had my camera going from the beginning, but I was pretty busy. After people were done eating I finally had a chance to think 'pictures'. I think everyone had a great time......we definitely did.

By 9:30 most of the party was over except for a few stray firefly catchers and my feet had never hurt so bad. I had been going since about 5am. Totally worth it, but I was tuckered out! On to Saturday. In the morning, Wyatt and I went to a birthday party and Rand and Brendan went to Target. The kids spent the afternoon playing with their new toy.

Then we had some backyard shade time. I was all about the hammock. The kids were all about taking pictures and looking at them (we do this often).

And then....because we just didn't feel like we had been busy enough.....we invited some friends over to use the slip 'n' slide and help us eat a few more burgers and hot dogs. AND we invited our neighbors too since they missed the BBQ the night before because they decided to go to a 13 inning Phillies game instead. Our plans of more outdoor fun were thwarted, just in time for the guests to arrive, by a torrential down pour that lasted all night. So our second-night-in-a-row party was moved inside. It ended up being a blast and we even whipped out a board game and laughed hysterically for at least a solid hour. (no pictures to prove it) After church I really thought it was all over. I read a book in the backyard shady oasis all afternoon and even thought about throwing on my PJ's. But no. Why stop now? We decided instead that we should do some more. So we hopped over to a nearby park to check out a church service that a couple churches are putting together for the summer. After that, we hooked up with a couple friends that lived nearby and had some ice cream and strawberries. Wyatt fell in the pool while we were there....fully dressed(he can swim. no worries) (again. no pictures to prove it.) The kids just ran around like wild animals (they were with friends, so the wildness is always bumped up a couple notches) while we chatted until almost dark. More firefly capturing ensued on the walk back to our car and the kids were tucked in bed for the third night in a row more than an hour and a half past their bedtimes! The beginning of summer has offically arrived!

I almost forgot... Here's a video of the kids cracking up at themselves and the video they made with the webcam while I was cleaning the bathroom on Friday. (I'm not sure, but they might have sent like 3 of these messages to my sister Joanna) I managed to catch the 10th time they watched it on my camera. Enjoy! :) The beginning of a busy week starts tomorrow!


mom aka nana said...

whew....that is a lot of doing, going, talking, cooking, laughing, playing, fun fun fun ....your yard looks like a park! wonderful wonderful pictures!

The Raudenbush Family said...

How did we live without webcams? Hilarious video. Busy weekend indeed. Hope you can take a breather today!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a wonderful, though busy, weekend. There is nothing like summer!

Cousin Heidi

Anonymous said...

That is my kind of weekend, I love busy time. Of course I think that fishing should have been top priority, that would have topped it off.
Uncle bubba