Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer Storm

The amount of rain we have had this summer so far (and I am counting May) is absolutely ridiculous! I was wondering how I was going to keep up with the watering of my garden, being that it is in the far back corner of our yard and we have no hose that even comes close. Worry not! Mother nature has watered my garden plenty!! I think I've only hauled a watering can out there maybe 4 or 5 times....today being one of them. If I would have known the forecast I would have known that today would be unnecessary for watering by me as well!
The garden is going bazerk and I cannot keep up with the pruning, weeding, thinning of the garden by any means. I am going to tackle it something serious tomorrow if the weather permits, but it is like a jungle out there!!!

This big mess just so happens to be carrots!

Green Beans

Lettuce and more lettuce

And more beans

Cucumber and Peas


And Sweet Peas....my all time favorite

Right after I took these pictures we had the biggest summer storm. Black clouds, wind, rain, lightening, thunder. Crazy.
I found Rand relaxing on the front porch....his favorite place to be when it's storming...doing one or two of his favorite things.

So we all hung out and watched the storm. I left early to blog about it. :)

Sammy was a little scared.....but that's what Wyatt is for! :)


rachel said...

your garden is AWESOME!!!! i am so jealous! papa jim would be so impressed with your carrots. makes me want to go pull one up and eat it dirt and all. :)

and your fam is pretty darn cute too!

Red said...

Where is our rain? We are not that far away and we only got sprinkles.

Your garden looks great! Did your tomatoes survive?

Kaylee said...

Remember I never got my tomatoes? I'm bummed. It's one of my favorites. How can you have cucumbers without tomatoes!!!? I might have to steal one or two from you. :)

Red said...

Oh I forgot! When ours our ready I'll give you some. :)

Anonymous said...

Fishing is alway good after a rain, I hope you took advantage of that.
Uncle Bubba

Krisy said...

Nice garden...kids and husband too.

mom aka nana said...

amazing...just amazing...you could write a story just in pictures.....my heart hurts to hug you all........and papa jim would be so proud of your garden....he would be saying thin thin thin those carrots!