Friday, October 2, 2009

Big Changes At Our House

As it cools, we are spending a lot more time inside. I am so happy it is getting cold....and dry! I've been slightly panicking imagining another child in our midst. Our main level has just 2 small bedrooms. Upstairs we have 2 more (larger) rooms but they are top level rooms...bad closets, interesting ceilings and nooks. Until now, our upstairs rooms have worked nicely as a playroom/schoolroom (you've seen pictures) and an office/craft studio. Our basement is scary, dark and UNFINISHED. So.....where to put a baby?? I'm imagining nighttime changing and feeding and rocking.....and stair climbing. Should we just throw a crib in the office, I mean, that's where my rocking chair is? Get smaller beds for the boys and put them all in the same room?? Nothing seemed quite right. And then we thought of a perfect solution. We need to use our basement! Rand got to work on the clean up. (We don't have a garage, so you can imagine what is down in our basement) We bought 2 large pieces of remnant carpet and ta-da! A (sort of) finished basement. The playroom/school room got moved. 2 flights of stairs and a couple broken backs later and we had a lot more square footage! Then, we moved the boys bedroom UPstairs. It's so much better. It's a much larger room and they (and their furniture) are fitting in that room so much better. (It felt really weird to be sleeping on a different floor than them) Now, we have a semi-empty room, right next to ours, waiting for a little bundle of love to fill. We are loving our basement, despite some of the yuckiness of just being in the basement, but really it's great. The kids have this huge carpeted area to run and wrestle on...something they had really been missing!
Nothing is in picture taking order yet, so you'll have to settle for a picture of the basement. It's better in real life and I imagine spending a good chunk of our winter down here!



we still have plans for making it look a little nicer (blocking off some of the storage areas, cleaning up that dirty white with new paint, etc.) but this is what you get for now!

OH and by the way, we now have a lot more room for our long-distance come on over!


Nichole said...

Hey Guys!

Kaylee/Rand... what a great idea! From what I can see in photos, looks like you've outdone it... way to go, makes TOTAL sense to me and totally works for the little guys :) baby crib in office sounds like it might work out for ya too?

Isn't great to have that extra space? Looks excellent. Now, I'm thinking about a re-design again... hmmmm!

The Malloy Family said...

We want to come!!!! We want to come!!! Oh my gosh, could you just imagine the fun we'd have?
It looks great! Boys love basements!

Beth said...

I really love how there are very few pictures of the boys in real clothes, always costumes or undies! Charissa and I are in pjs almost all the time...

Mama Amy said...

lookin' good Kaylee ... you seem to be in full-blown nesting mode already!

Krisy said...


Anonymous said...

You should paint the basement an underwater theme with anatomically correct fish. Then the kids can identify them correctly when they catch one while fishing.
Uncle Bubba

The Raudenbush Family said...

Is that an undies shot? Poor boys.

Looks like a fun space--must be if they are willing to play down there in just their unmentionables!