Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kid Quotes::Vol. 11

My kids have been rockin' the hilarious conversations lately. Sorry I keep posting so many kid quotes, but some of these things I really want to remember!

On the way to our Bible Study this morning I heard Brendan mention something about his future bride, Ashlyn. (Ashlyn's mom, is my friend Kelly) I turned down the radio and said, "Did you just say that Ashlyn is expecting to marry you?"

Brendan: Yes.
Me: Did you already ask her to marry you??? (We've had conversations about marrying Ashlyn before)
Brendan: Yes I did and she said she was going to BEG me to marry her.
Me: Oh. Wow! (I really have no idea what to say)
Brendan: But Mom, she might not be the perfect wife if she doesn't know how to cut hair.
(last time I was cutting his hair he informed me that when he was an adult he didn't want to cut his kids hair) So, do you think Ashlyn knows how to cut hair?
Me: Hmmm, probably not yet since she's only 5. But maybe her mom will teach her when she is older?
Brendan:Yeah! And then when she is my wife she won't be my friend anymore because she'll be my wife!!!

Oh my goodness, I can't believe I'm having this conversation with my little boy!

Me: Well, hopefully your wife, whoever she might be, will be your wife AND your best friend....AND she can cut your kids hair.

(picture courtesy the mother of the bride) :)


Anonymous said...

What are you teaching your kids in this "homeschooling" you are doing? I never thought about getting married at that age. The things I wanted to accomplish at that age where to become a great fisherman, (I believe I have accomlished this) and to go to college at the University of Washington. I did accomplish that. Tell him to focus on fishing and worry about women when he is 30.
Uncle Bubba

Carolann said...

Oh my goodness that is to cute!!!

Krisy said...

She is pretty cute.

Nancy said...

SO CUTE! Keep writing the kids quotes. I just love to hear how their little minds are working and it give me a great laugh. Miss you all.

The Raudenbush Family said...

From the Mother of the Bride to the Mother of the Groom--These two are crazy! Now, I've been fully anticipating that Ashlyn would give us a run for our money in her teenage years. But, seriously, talking of marriage at 5! I don't know if my heart can take it!

Besides, their marriage may have a fatal flaw (just one) since Ashlyn isn't going to learn hair cutting unless she goes to beauty school.