Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkins, Soldiers and Maps

This week we got our pumpkins all carved up. They both wanted "scary" pumpkins. Wyatt wanted his to look like a ghost and say "Boo" and Brendan wanted "mean eyes". Wyatt wasn't much into touching the goo this year (I'm surprised he didn't gag!).
I think they turned out pretty good.

Later in the week, Brendan's homeschool group had a field trip to Valley Forge Park. Nice thing about homeschool field trips is they are whole family events. I enjoyed the trip more than then kids, unfortunately. They aren't quite into American history yet, but I learned a lot. They enjoyed the grasshoppers the most.

Here's our tour guide. He taught us how to march and stand at attention. We weren't very good at it. I blamed it on the huge crowd, but then he told us that Washington's army would have stretched out for over a mile. I guess I'll just blame all the children. :)

We learned how a gun was loaded and fired.

This guy told us all about their clothing.

Here are some kid toys........and then this guy over here on the right showed us how they performed medical interventions at the camp.....even amputations. Horribly gruesome!

And this guy showed us how they cooked. I had always wondered what this mound was near all the cabins. Turns out it was the oven!

In case you are wondering.....that's Wyatt....looking at a grasshopper in the middle of the road. Like I part of the trip!

And last but not least, we are tracking someone! We have a great markable map and we are following my parent's progress as they travel from Washington State (I hate that I always have to say that!) eastward. In case you can't tell, they have hit Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Kansas (pit stop at my sister's), Missouri, Illinois, Indiana....and so far that is where they are. They are about 650 miles from us! By the beginning of the week they should be here. I think they are going to stay and have Thanksgiving, too. The kids are beyond excited and they know U.S. geography like nobody's business!


rachel said...

you think you could cook wood fired pizza's in that oven???

i love your pumpkins! but where are yours and rands? and little baby bumps???

have fun with mom and dad!!!

The Raudenbush Family said...

You are such a good mom. That map rules. I remember when my grandparents traveled to Alaska by motorhome, we had a big map on the wall and put little map tacks in every place that they sent us a postcard from. There were lots and lots of tacks. It was so much fun...I'm still horrible at geography though. Mark hates that I'm bad at it. He's literally insulted by my lack of geographical expertise. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

I am certain that they cooked fish in that oven. At least that is what I would do.
Uncle Bubba