Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Baseball Logistics

The beginning of our "sports" careers has been a learning experience. It feels like we are in the full swing of things with the boys being on different teams this round. Because we homeschool especially, I think some of our extra-curricular activities are even more important than if we didn't. Sports is a great way for the kids to meet other kids, learn a skill, be influenced by other "authority figures", etc...and yet it is all still rather controlled and limited. Anyway, so already I have had thoughts like, "Ugh, I hate feeling like we are running around all the time," or, "maybe we don't want to be a 'sports' family,", "this is impeding on our family dinners,"....but mostly I think what we are doing is really good for them, not to mention they LOVE it...and that's the most important.

While the kids just kick back and have a blast I am left to organize the whole thing. Do we have all the gear (mitts, bats, balls, batting gloves, hats, cleats, etc...)? What about Easton (do we have a stroller, ergo, backpack, snacks, sweatshirt, toys, diapers, etc.)? What about dinner (should we eat before, after, on our way, will Rand be eating with us, will he be coming home with us after or going right back to work, etc.)? On Saturdays we have games. Getting out the door is crazy...we, who are never late, cannot get out the door on time for Saturday games. It's ridiculous. Their games are at different times, different locations. Some weeks they overlap and we have to go separate ways (how will this work with a third in the mix!?).

I am working on enjoying the whole process. Anyone who knows me a little bit, knows that I prefer the simple, more slow paced, not-so-scheduled way of life. These days I am working on more balance in that department. Some of our days are slower than others....and some are really, really busy.

Sundays are our Mondays here. It's the beginning of Rand's work week and we start school. Sundays and Mondays are a little bit slower paced. Tuesdays we have Wyatt's practice at 6:00pm. Wednesdays are Brendan's practices. Saturdays we have 2 baseball games and try to go to church in the evening...that's the craziest day. Last Saturday we went to Wyatt's game at 9, came home for lunch, drove back for Brendan's game at 1, drove home and decided to skip 4:30 church. It's a tiring day! Easton just has to go with the flow and I just have to maintain enough energy to pack him all around through it all!

But look how much fun Easton has!

See? It is really tiring!

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Anonymous said...

Throw in an early morning fishing trip and your Saturdays become the perfect day.
Uncle Bubba