Sunday, January 9, 2011

Last Pics From WA

I forgot I still had a camera full of pictures. Here's a few more from our trip.

A photoshoot with the Coopers

My brother, Jordan, caught doing the dishes. UN.Heard of.

 Willow and Bentley eating celery

 Rand and I took all the boys towards the mountains to find some snow.

 It was a really beautiful morning...

 There wasn't really any snow. We found a shadey patch that hadn't melted. It was pathetic, but it served the purpose...I guess...

I'm not exactly sure what Jayden is doing here?

 and last but not least, a traditional art night with some regulars and some newbies. It was fun.


Jessie said...

Perfect view of my ever-elusive poppy.

Anonymous said...

No fish on that trip, boo.
Uncle Bubba