Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kid Quotes::Vol. 30

 Just to let you all know, Wyatt has had a thorn stuck in his heel for about 2 months. We struggled with it for a few days since it was causing him serious pain and his tolerance for such things is about zero. I dug at it twice. Oh, the tears! Finally we decided to just leave it. That tough heel skin kept healing over it and eventually he had this weird white circle bump on his heel, but it didn't hurt.
That's just a little background for ya! :)

Wyatt: Mom, I miss when I was 2 and Brendan was 4.

Me: yeah? I miss those days too.

Wyatt: I just really, really  miss when I was 2 and Brendan was 4.

Me: Well these are good days too. What do you miss about being 2?

Wyatt: You know. Back in the days when I didn't have a thorn?

true, true....

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Anonymous said...

Tell Wyatt he has a cool story to tell people, especially since he can show the thorn bump. He could say he get it from a fishing accident.
Uncle Bubba