Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Easton Faces

Easton has just been cute lately. As long as I'm close by, and even better, touching him he is a smiley, giggly little guy.

chillin' at a baseball game

still really likes to point

talkin' on the phone (a.k.a. camera case)

he's not really orange...the sun was setting. :)

so happy


Rachel said...

well it's a good thing you are pretty much always near by!!! he's so cute!

Anonymous said...

He is definitely looking like a fisherman.
Uncle Bubba

Kristi said...

I'm resisting the urge to kiss my screen :)

Amy Cooper said...

the last one is my fav! cutie patootie!

Anonymous said...

He is just so cute and happy! No problems as long as mom is there. It make me want to cry not to be able to hold him and kiss his little smiley face. Love and miss you all so much. Your Great Marshmellow!!

Anonymous said...

Please stop spray tanning your child, Kaylee! No really, too cute for words. Erin