Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easton::Growing Up Fast

Easton is growing up fast. Everything changes when they can finally walk! He is off and exploring and already walking a lot better than when this video was taken. Someone should remind me, too, not to take videos of kids right before nap time. :)

Not only walking, but also climbing. He is now constantly on top of the school table. I guess he has a better view from up there.

"See this knee right here? That's what I use to climb up onto this bench. And I still really like to point."

wish this picture was clear! :( It was such a cute moment!

And he wants to color. Slow down, Easton. You don't have to get too big yet! (although it is nice that he isn't eating the crayon in this picture)


Kristi said...

Oh he's so cute! And seriously, the walking improvement, how in the world does it go so fast!?! Stella RUNS across a room now and can totally pivot around on one foot without falling - as long as she's not tired. This is just the BEST age, in my opinion, but it's crazy to think where we were just 365 days ago. Did I already mention he's cute? Yah. Totally cute!

Rachel said...

he is getting so big! i just love him!!!

Anonymous said...

Great now he can walk to the boat himself when it is time to go fishing.
Uncle Bubba

mom aka nana said...

oh my gosh that video is so so so almost made me a little sad that he was so tired that he just laid his head down....i wanted to reach through the computer and pick him up and snuggle with him....oh how i miss those boys

Krisy said...

He is so rad. Walking!? I'm sure Fletcher will by 18 months...dude is lazy.