Thursday, June 16, 2011

Chicken Chronicles::Vol. 9 (First Egg)

Today was the day! After weeks and weeks of faithful checking (especially Brendan), his daily chicken duties have paid off! He came right into my room (where 3 of us were sleeping...actually, let's be clear. 2 of us were trying to sleep and one was flip flopping all over the place) holding the prize!!! One, lone, little egg. She laid it in the lower nesting box, just like I was hoping she would do. They all sleep together in the top one because it is a tad higher than their roosting bar and they just can't stand to not be at the highest spot. So she picked the lower box to make a little nest.
I had a feeling it was coming and am fairly sure which chicken laid the first egg. I'm 90% sure it was the red one, Hattie, because she has been acting weird the last 2 days. She has been separated from the group a few times (which is very rare. They stick together big time!) and I've gone to check on her thinking for sure something was wrong, but she would just hop up and trot off like she was fine. Yesterday she was making all kinds of noise and acting weird enough that I actually went and checked the nesting boxes that afternoon...And it looked like someone had been in the lower one (which no one has been in since we got them.)
And I was right! It's a little, puny thing, but they say the first ones are. Brendan has made a chart to keep track of each chicken's production (ever seen Chicken Run?) and so we will be keeping you posted!!! :)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful!!!!!!!!! I just love it!! Great job Hattie the chicken!! Keep up the good work. From The Great Marshmellow

Bekki said...

YAY!!! Free food!

Anonymous said...

Now you can fry up an egg before you go out fishing.
Uncle Bubba