Saturday, June 25, 2011

Staying Cool...And a Flashback

Staying cool in the desert in the summer is no easy feat. Even in the house (to me...used to about 68 in the house) it feels WAY too warm (try about 81). Yuck! Even the pool, while cool and refreshing for sure, is no place to escape the blazing hot sun during most of the day. (We are working on fixing that problem).
Anyway, on the hot days I like to take the kids to Desert Ridge to play in the fountains. It is becoming quickly more appropriate for Easton, and less for the older kids, but they still have a lot of fun...even though they are usually surrounded by just waddlers. However, there is lots of shade, and big comfy chairs, and Starbucks, and lots of cold water. We usually go early in the morning when it is still only in the 90's, but going at night is really fun too.

Here's my kid who still points. A lot!

And because I was feeling a little nostalgic looking at these pictures. Here are a few from about 4 years ago. Same place, some of the same people, and even one of the same towels! :)

(you can see Wyatt in the background)


leslee aka mom aka nana said...

wow...hurts my heart to see brendan and wyatt so young....i feel i've missed so much....and there is easton and i have missed his whole first year....ugh i'm not complaining...just saying....i love love love the pictures....actually i love love love those little boys....

Anonymous said...

If there were only fish there, how perfect a place it would be.
Uncle Bubba

Anonymous said...

I just love love love those little boys too! They are growing and changing so fast. I just have to get there so I don't miss everything!!!! Love from your Great Aunt Marshmellow.

Lindsey said...

Adorable boys!!