Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Easton::15 Months

note: Easton doesn't normally have a binki in his mouth ALL the time. However, while painting, it does aid in keeping paint out of the mouth!!

Three months have flown by since our little, big guy turned one! Easton continues to mesh into our family more and more and becomes more and more of himself. I think one of my favorite things about having kids is watching them become them. Totally unique, funny, cute, clever and perfectly them.

Easton loves his brothers. He wants whatever they want. Playing outside? He's going too. Any particular toy? He'll take it from them. Ice cream? You better be sharing. He has already started coloring with them at the table, which is really the cutest thing ever. So it was no surprise when I brought out the paints....he already knew what to do.

We went to his appointment yesterday. He weighs 27 lbs. Down 2 lbs from his 9 month appointment. Pretty sure at 9 months he was 29 lbs, then 12 months he was 28 lbs. He is back down on the charts though still near the top. Seriously, remember when he was rockin' way above the 100th percentile??? Holy, crazy breast milk. His regular diet has now brought him down to the 80th percentile for weight and 95th for height. That's more like it!

Easton is a swimmer! He wears goggles and goes under water and jumps off the steps. He swims pretty much twice a day. Every day. Which means so do I. He tends to be more tentative than the other boys EVER were. He doesn't like it if I let go of him in the water and he doesn't really care for all the crazy tricks that Rand and the other 2 used to do (and still do). Throwing, twirling, flinging, all that....he'd rather not. He hangs on tight.

Easton points instead of talking. He can talk. He just chooses not to. He doesn't even say Mama. He can say it, but he really doesn't need to. He just follows me around and hangs on my legs and reaches up as high as he can. If he wants something off the shelf...he points. If he sees something interesting...he points. If he wants the other half of the apple instead of the one I gave him...he points. I like it. :)

My very most favorite development over the last 3 months has been watching Easton just fall in love with Rand. Oh, it is soooo cute. It's like it dawned him that this guy is his Dad and he is a really awesome guy. We watch out the window for him to come home and then we squeal and jump off the couch when we see him. And then we run to the door for hugs. It. is. so. cute! He still prefers me for almost everything, but it is only a matter of time.

We sure love this guy!


Anonymous said...

This made me cry!! I so want to have a one on one relationship with all of my great nephews and my great niece. I love seeing how they are changing and growing but I really want them to know me. The Great Marshmellow is coming as soon as I can. Love you all!!!

leslee aka mom aka nana said...

ditto what the marshmellow said....:)except change it to grandsons and granddaughter!

Krisy said...

He is so perfectly awesome. I love this boy. The pointing...wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I certainly hope he learns to say, "FISH ON".
Uncle Bubba

The Raudenbush Family said...

That picture of him leaning back covered in paint...oh funny. And, man, you are a better mommy than I am. I just would not let my kids get so crazy with paint like that. You pretty much rock.