Monday, August 29, 2011

Art Lesson 1::Composition

This year in school we are using an organized art curriculum. This is our first time incorporating actual art into our schooling. I'm so excited about it I want to do the projects myself. :)
My boys spend hours at their table doing "art". Mostly they are drawing pictures. I love it. LOVE it. They draw all kinds of things. Scenes from movies, their favorite action heroes, their favorite things to do, things straight from their imaginations, etc. I love how they think, and then they draw it. They don't need to copy a picture and even when they are asking me for ideas of what to draw, they usually don't like my suggestions and come up with something themselves. They use pencils, colored pencils, crayons and markers mostly. Every once in a while we paint, but not often with Easton around and sometimes they pull out the watercolors.

I'm excited about art this year because it will introduce new mediums for them and give them a little broader knowledge to draw from (get it? draw? haha) when they sit down at the table.

The art curriculum isn't just art projects, but includes lessons and also art history. It's called ARTistic Pursuits in case anyone is interested.

Their first lesson was about composition. They used sketch paper and an ebony pencil. Brendan took a little artistic liberty and added some color to his. :)

"Hanging out with Dad" by Wyatt

"Dad, Me and a Movie" by Brendan
(don't you just love the back of Rand's speckled head in this?) :)


Anonymous said...

Looking good, could you have the boys do a "Fishing in the Dark" composition next time?

Uncle Bubba

Rachel said...

your school looks like so much fun. i just love those boys of yours! and the way their draw rand's hair cracks me up! you'd think they'd just leave him with a smooth head, but obviously his head must feel prickly to them, since wyatt has sporadic spikes for rand and brendan's version looks like a sprinkled cake pop!