Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Busy Day in Wichita

It seems like we always try to cram a bunch of stuff in at the end of a trip together. We just hang out for much of the beginning and then we think, "Oh dang. We gotta do some stuff while we're together." Today was that day for me and Rach. We had a pedicure in the morning at her favorite "natural" spa. I have nice new purple toe nail polish that I'm thinking might need a touch up before the baby is born....and someone else is going to have to do it! :) After that we hit the store and got some lunch and came home. In the afternoon we ALL went to one of Rachel's most favorite family hang outs. THE ZOO! If you read her blog you've seen and heard lots of stories about her zoo, but it was awesome to get to go in real life. After dinner her and I went to another of her favorite places...Paint the Town, for art night. We painted pears and I wish I had one of these places in my town. Such a fun thing to do with sisters...or girlfriends...or whatever. We've been playing party farkel at night and going to bed super tired. One more day...which will be spent gathering and packing to leave. :( I hate goodbyes.

The beginning of my pears

my pears. finished....I think...

Rachel's pears


Anonymous said...

I love this. We are going to have to do this someday here in Shelton.

Anonymous said...

I wish you painted some fish.
Uncle Bubba