Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Our Last Day (In 2 Places)

Our last day in Wichita was Sunday. It was a lovely warm day. We soaked up the sun and each other as much as we could. I miss them lots.

We drove straight from Wichita to Phoenix. It was 18 hours. That was crazy.

I came home to a very packed up house. Rand is a machine. His new job starts next Monday. We are excited and sad. Right now I'm mostly sad...and feeling very pregnant.

Today my Mom and I packed up most of the rest of everything. The moving truck will be delivered tomorrow and loaded. We will most likely hit the road on Thursday.

Our house rented in 4 days. That is a God thing! Rand's current job is cutting the night calls soon. The new job is there now. That is a God thing, too.

Transition is hard.

I keep shifting my mind to the positive. Rand has a great new job and God continues to provide for us in His perfect timing. I will be back in the Northwest by family and old friends. I will have a baby girl soon. I really love Rand and those 3 little boys of mine. It's a good life.

Rand told me the other day that the word "sacrifice" is made up of 2 words that mean "holy" and "to make". I like that. It makes me want to sacrifice more....or at least be grateful for the sacrifices that come with walking this path.

The computer is probably getting packed away tonight. I'm going to bed early. My body is telling me to stop...or else have a baby tonight. :) I think I'll wait on that one.

Thanks for the support and prayers for us for the next couple weeks while we re-adjust!

Pics from our last day in Kansas....Miss you Lovingfoss'

He means business folks, serious business

So does she......all the time!

And happy 3rd birthday to this "little fire ball" on Sunday. You are precious.


Rachel said...

We miss you guys too! My kids can't stop looking for you guys and asking if you can just come live in our house. Good luck with moving! I'm super jealous, but glad that I'll get to come to Washington to visit you.

Anonymous said...

Oh those sweet precious babies who are all growing up too fast. I love to see their pictures but wish they all could be moving close. Hugs from the Great Marshmellow!!

Anonymous said...

If only fishing was on the to do list, if only.
Uncle Bubba