Monday, November 28, 2011

Just Transition

If I never have to transition in this way again.....well.....that will be alright. This has been a tough one. And boy did it happen fast or what?! All of a sudden we were packed and loaded and driving down the road. Getting here took forever. We were together (for the first time during a move) because we didn't do the U-haul thing, but we were sick and stressed and it took us 3 days to drive from Phoenix to Shelton. But we made it. We got here on a Saturday and Rand started work on Monday. The guy does not skip a beat, does he?! He got cold sores and the rest of us got the stomach flu....twice. bleh. We've been here just a week and I am house hunting full time. It's hard. We are on a budget...we don't want to be "house poor". We have one car so being close to Rand's job is essential. We have 3 little boys....wonderful mind you, but we've gotten some concerns about that from potential landlords. I would love for them to have space outside, space inside and what not, but our budget is making that option look near impossible.

Anyhoo, we are practicing patience which has been the word of the week while we look and search and look some more...striking out nearly everywhere. But everyday there is something new and at least with renting things can move pretty quickly. We are getting settled in other ways and are ready to plug the kids back into AWANAs and we went to church on Sunday and that was good and I get to go to my old midwives who delivered Wyatt and I am thrilled about that. My parents, while divorced, live within walking distance of each other at the moment and it has been a blessing to send Brendan and Wyatt on their own down to Nana's house for cookies and video games and crafts every afternoon! :) I actually love that.

So that's the scoop. Here we are. Things are good. Trying hard to trust with the house situation. Something will work out, hopefully soon. I know my Dad likes having us here, but we are a pretty big presence! It will be good to have our own space again!

Stay tuned for more developments! :)

BTW, baby #4 is doing just great. I only panick a little when I start doing the math about how much time left. Yikes! I'm 32 weeks!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like things are coming together, you will be fishing in now time, or whatever it is you want to do.
Uncle Bubba