Wednesday, June 6, 2012


This has been a great baseball season! Both the boys, but especially Brendan, have improved a ton. Brendan is one of the youngest players on his team and I think he is tied for the shortest with one other little guy. He feels so big to me because he is my oldest, but then I see him out there with all these huge 9 year olds and he looks tiny! Brendan got to play the gammit of great positions this year. He makes a great catcher because he is so tough and literally dives infront of all those wild pitches and he hustles. He is a great fielder and mostly makes consistent great throws to first. A few games ago he got put in to pitch in the last inning. It was a close game. They were only up by one. 2 outs, runner on 3rd, batter up and a full count. Brendan threw that last pitch and BOOM, strike! Cubbies win. The coach and team rushed Brendan and tossed him into the air. It was an awesome moment. After that game the team and coaches voted for 3 kids from the team who would get to be on the All-Star Team. After a game like that it was no surprise Brendan got to be one of those three! It has been really fun watching him this year. Extremely frustrating at times as there are still lots and lots of runs scored on errors and horrible throws, but very fun to see the team improve so much over the coarse of the season.



Mom said...

That video is crazy! It has been so great to watch both the boys play ball. Congrats to you Brendan on pitching such a great game and getting chosen for the all star and your brothers and sister have always been stars to me.

Anonymous said...

Nice job on getting selected to the All-star team, that is always an exciting moment in an athletes life. I am still striving for my selection to the All-star fishing team, one day I know my hard work will pay-off.

Uncle Bubba

Rachel said...

Great job brennie! i'm glad there's a video since i couldn't come to any games. i'm cheering you on all the way from kansas!!!!

Mama Amy said...

Oh Kaylee, I love the pics of Brendan pitching. He looks like a little man!