Monday, June 25, 2012


Man it was a tough week! Between fighting, whining brothers and tantrum throwing toddlers, and non sleeping needy babies, and very messy houses with no food, I have been really feelin' the burn. As in burn out! A couple nights Rand came home and I left. Hallelujah! I need to do that now and again. :) On my way home one of those said nights, I check my phone and I have 2 photos from Rand. I see the text first. It said, "bball to eye". Uh-oh.
I open the messages and this is what I saw:

How sad is that little face??

The pictures weren't this large, obviously, but I did gasp out loud.
I got home and he was holding a frozen teething ring on his face. It was ugly, but he was fine. He has always been really tough, his pain tolerance higher than most, which is scary in its own way. He cried, so I know it hurt bad, but he was over it by the time I got home. We all learned a lesson about catching without the proper catchers face protection (which we have but weren't wearing) especially when Daddy is pitching. (Daddy feels really bad). I just kept thinking how lucky he was that it hit the bone under his eye after hitting his glove and didn't hit him square in the eyeball....or the nose....or the mouth with those brand new adult teeth coming in!

He didn't want to go to church yesterday, but did sporting a big hoodie and Daddy's sunglasses. It was a very interesting Sunday look! He had to explain countless times anyway. Here is what it looked like the next morning:

And it's less swollen today but getting prettier!

He almost looks proud of it in this picture. Boys.


Jordan said...

this makes my skin crawl..

Anonymous said...

You always have to have the right gear. For fishing you must match the gear to the fish you are wanting to catch. Cathing fish is much safer than catching baseballs I think.
Uncle Bubba

Anonymous said...

Ouch! Love Grandma Maureen.

Anonymous said...

You are one brave baseball player!! That eye looks pretty painful but I know you won't let it slow you down. Love you so much. Your Great Aunt Marshmellow