Sunday, November 11, 2012

Annabel::9 Months

My, oh my! She is going so fast! She is quite the contrast to Easton. Easton was the smallest at birth, she was the largest. Easton waited the longest to start solids. She started much earlier and eats anything and everything....and an insane amount, too! Easton was my latest walker (14 months) and little miss Annabel is cruisin on her feet far my earliest. She's ambitious and unafraid. The noise and craziness doesn't even faze her. She joins right in and makes her own noise. She can yell really loud! She is the first baby I've had where I can identify who she looks like without a doubt. And in case you can't tell, I think she looks EXACTLY like Rand. I'm thinking hair will change that a bit, but seriously, she looks just like him!

She is an awful sleeper and I am reaching the end of what I can handle. Something will have to change soon. I'm just hoping she'll figure it out on her own...... maybe? This is the fourth one and I have no doubt that it is me that creates this problem. I'm okay with that because I have made the best choices I can and done best by her, I know. BUT, she is 9 months old now, and waking every 2 hours or more and sometimes staying up for an hour is killing me! I would seriously consider having more kids if they slept. No sleep though makes everything so much harder and I absolutely couldn't handle doing this again. (don't hold me to that!)


She is napping peacefully now. I skipped church because I needed her to have this nap so bad. And it's quiet and lovely and I am happy even though I am ridiculously tired.

We absolutely love her.

Little Rand?

See those little teeth? Yeah, they are razor sharp and she bites me with them when we nurse during the day. At night, however, she nurses like a champ. Part of the problem??
She's off!


Rachel said...

Wow! She is getting so big! And I agree, it's time for some sleep. Feel free to send her to my house, I will get her on a good schedule for you! :)

Anonymous said...

Early to bed, early to rise, the bigger the fish, the bigger the lies. Get that girl to sleep.
Uncle Bubba

Anonymous said...

Maybe with more walking will come more sleep. I am praying for that! She is just sooooo cute. Love you Annabel. Your Great Aunt Marshmellow