Saturday, November 24, 2012

Christmas Tree

We almost always get our Christmas tree immediately after Thanksgiving. Last year was an exception because, as I recall, we didn't have a home until December 1st, and we picked one up at the grocery store lot as soon as we were moved in...but it was late. I love Christmas tree hunting here in Washington because we are right in the middle of Christmas tree country. Everywhere you look is a U-cut Christmas tree farm....and let me say, they are half the price of any live Christmas tree we ever bought in Phoenix and so much evergreen-smellier. mmmmmmm

This year we went to Clyde and Dale's. As you may have guessed, they have Clydesdale horses there and a horse drawn wagon to ride around in, to and from your desired location amongst the trees. These after Thanksgiving festivities are some of my favorite.

So we spent the morning Christmas tree hunting and then I spent the afternoon at the studio, while the big boys decorated and the little munchkins napped. And then this evening, we all went to a movie....a very rare treat. It was a great day.

And this is how trouble begins....I can see it in their eyes!
straight out of the '70s

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Anonymous said...

Growing up I always went fishing or hunting the day after Thanksgiving, but I must say that hunting a christmas tree is also a task I thoroughly enjoy on that day as well. Looks like you bagged a nice one.
Uncle Bubba