Sunday, November 11, 2012

Arm Update

Thursday was Wyatt's follow-up appointment with the Orthopedist to get his cast. It had been a little over 3 days since he broke it and he was feeling much better....and anxious for his cast!

We got there and waited and waited and finally went back. They x-rayed him again and then we waited some more. When the doctor came in she said a little more of the same and then dropped the bomb on him that he would have to wait for his cast. He was pretty sad about that. The "cast" that they put on his arm at the hospital is intended to be temporary and so it is wrapped and wrapped underneath and then hard cast strips lay across the bottom and top of his arm over his elbow so he can't move his elbow out of that position. Then it is wrapped and wrapped again with ace bandage. It is heavy and hot and bulky. The doctor said she thought it was probably still swollen and a new cast would quickly become too big. She also said that if she casted him then she would want to put it up over his elbow because it really needs to stay immobilized. If we wait, the swelling will be gone and she will probably be able to put the cast below his elbow. We were bummed, but knew it was best. We go back on Tuesday for more x-rays and hopefully a new cast then. She said she will want to x-ray once a week to make sure the break doesn't "fall apart" and that it all heals just right. Wyatt is being a trooper and we are discovering lots he can do with just one arm!

Playing Angry Birds is something you can do with just one hand!
Glad we weren't there for a knee replacement!


Rachel said...

bummer, wyatt, bummer. I was really excited to see your new cast! :)

You know, Kaylee, I seem to remember cutting waffles was really hard to do by myself when my sister had a broken arm...just saying...:)

Nana said...

Super cute picture of Wyatt! Am sorry he had to wait a whole other week before getting the real deal put on...hopefully it will feel very small and lightweight after what he has...hugs cute and brave are a trooper

Anonymous said...

Don't worry partner, the fish will still be there when you get back.
Uncle Bubba