Monday, December 3, 2012

Annabel::10 Months

It really is fun to try and figure out what she is going to be like now that she is 10 months old. More and more little bits of who she is emerge and we find even more to love.

She loves to dance and sing. She is loud when she yells but she is quietly playing most of the time. She is ambitious, brave and tough. She doesn't get hurt easily, she is more likely to cry when she is frustrated. She seems older than her age. She knows what's going on, she walks like an 18 month old. She's quick and knows where she wants to go. She climbs and is right in the middle of her brothers all the time. It's crazy how UN-phased she is by the noise and wild antics that go on around her. It's like she was born for it. She eats just about any food offered to her. Just 2 teeth still, but several pair of shoes. :) Goodbye, baby. Hello, little girl.

How do you make a hand-me-down from a boy cousin look girlish? Add a tutu, of course!

She mastered the last hurdle in transitioning from baby to toddler....Getting to her feet from the middle of the room. There's no stopping this one!

Despite what it looks like, she actually leaves the Christmas tree alone.

We've got 6 people at our table for 6. It's feeling much smaller than when we first got it!


Nana said...

Ahhhhh. She is beautiful beyond measure!

Anonymous said...

She is quite cute, and she will be ready to fish in no time now that she is walking and can get up on her own.
Uncle Bubba