Sunday, December 2, 2012

Small Town Christmas Parade

Yesterday we went to Shelton and watched the good ol' Christmas parade. I love small town parades, and despite the incredibly rainy weather we've been having, it cleared up and we didn't feel a drop all evening. Fun time, had by all!

I grew up watching the Christmas parade from the balcony over there across the street. 
McComb Funeral Home, baby!
my timid, I-don't-like-loud-noises kid
and this one...doesn't mind the startling blasts of horns in the least
what small (logging) town parade is complete without Paul Bunyan...especially one that limbos under street lights!


Rachel said...

Awesome!!! I wondered if you guys were going to the parade! I'm super jealous!!!

Anonymous said...

I have watched the parade from the balcony across the street. Of course the parade would have been better if you could fish from that balcony and the parade was boats instead of firetrucks and logtrucks. But hey it looked like fun all the same, I am also a little jealous.
Uncle Bubba