Thursday, December 6, 2012


A while back when that movie Fight Club came out, Rand ran across a church that had used the Fight Club idea to form a men's ministry. Lest you be confused and totally shocked, there was no fist fighting involved. Instead it was a focus on becoming real men, strong men, men who were good leaders and good husbands and good dads. They fought against the things that would keep them from being those things and pursued the things that were hard, but good. We thought it was a pretty great idea.

For some reason, at the beginning of the school year, Rand was thinking about that again and we decided to start our own FIGHT club. We've been consistently "fighting" since the first week of school and it has been a really fun, good thing for our family to focus on. We've done 10, spending 2 weeks on a couple of them. Since we only have one car, we spend our Monday morning take-Dad-to-work time talking about our new FIGHT Club theme for the week. The boys are good at applying it to their lives and really seeing the ways in which we all need to FIGHT these things.

Here is our list. Our first 10:

1. FIGHT passivity...persue responsibility

2. FIGHT pride...persue humility

3. FIGHT distraction...persue focus (we did this one for 2 weeks)

4. FIGHT selfishness...persue selflessness

5. FIGHT lies...persue truth

6. FIGHT instant gratification...persue patience

7. FIGHT strife...persue peace

8. FIGHT grumbling...persue thankfulness

9. FIGHT contempt...persue love

10. FIGHT greed...persue generosity.


Anonymous said...

Fight the fish, pursue more.
Uncle Bubba

Rachel said...

I just love the things your family does! I want to be a part of your clubs. :)

Kim said...

I love that you are "fighting" with your family!