Friday, January 4, 2013

Annabel::11 Months

1 more month of the monthly posting! On December 29th, Annabel turned 11 months. She thinks she is pretty great, and we think she is pretty great too! She is the worst sleeper I have ever had (at this age) and Rand and I are as tired as if we had a newborn baby. It's going to end soon, right?

She is cute as all get out and we crack up at her all the time. She tries to talk (I can get her to say "up" instead of whining and yelling). She loves to try and say it. She loves dancing and singing and slobbering all over the faces of her new baby dolls. She is the best eater ever. She will eat anything and everything.

Since she has been with us for almost a year, I thought I would write down all the nicknames she has been given so far.

Little Sister

(sorry. bad pictures! only had my phone)


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Anonymous said...

Only 1 month and 3 years until it is fishing time.
Uncle Bubba