Monday, January 28, 2013

Annabel::12 Months

We made it!!!! Tomorrow is Annabel's first birthday! I clearly remember nearly everything about this day a year ago. What the weather was like. How I spent my whole day from waking up with contractions, sending Rand to work (it was a Saturday), walking with the boys around the property, my sister coming over, my picture taking friend coming over, Rand taking care of the boys until bedtime, then Rand sleeping on the couch until about midnight when I said it was time to call the midwife....and then the rest of it! This year with her has been hard. Wonderful, but hard. I feel like breathing a sigh of relief that we have crossed over into the "she's over a year old" phase. Just got done teaching her how to sleep through the night, only  nursing her 1.5 times a day, she eats anything and everything, she is happy playing and being played with, she can walk herself (she may not go in the direction we are going yet, but still).

She is so girly, but SO one of the boys. She walks with such determination I wonder what she will do when she grows up! She is confident and unafraid almost all the time. Ready for anything. She is so much fun I can't even imagine not having her!

Happy Birthday, Annabel, lovely girl.

wish this one was in focus! This is in the gym at ORLA. In my dream-house, I have a room like this attached!


Rachel said...

Happy, Happy Birthday sweet Annabel!

Anonymous said...

Game on little fisherlady, three more years.
Uncle Bubba